Dr. Kim's Honors







Phi Beta Kappa, University of Michigan, 1985

James B. Angell Scholar (consecutive 4.0 semesters), University of Michigan, 1981-1985

Class Honors, University of Michigan, 1981-1985

Honors in Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Physiology, and Biochemistry, Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1989 James A. Prior Award for Outstanding Intern of the Year, Ohio State University Hospital, 1990

Veterans Administration Certification of Appreciation, Columbus, Ohio, Veterans
Administration, 1991

Housestaff Teaching Award, Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1992

Clinical Instructor Teaching Award, Ohio State University Hospital 1993

Chicago Lung Association Award for Abstract Writing, The role of neuropeptides in
Airway epithelial repair: an in vivo model. 1996

Internal Medicine Teaching Award at DoctorsHospital1998, 1999, 2000

Subspecialist Teaching Award at OhioStateUniversityMedicalSchool1998



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